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09 Apr Security System Ideas For Landlords (Commercial & Residential)

 Security System Ideas For Landlords (Commercial & Residential)

For some reason, commercial and residential property owners often view the challenge posed by burglars and invaders differently. In many case, commercial and residential properties represent significant elements in the owner's portfolio so understanding the risks and the available tools to deter crime is an important part of ownership.
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28 Jan How To Keep Your Home Safe & Secure In Winter

Protecting From Crime During The Winter Period It is never too late to take precautions to raise the safety level in and around your home. During winter, insurance claims peak every year. Generally, winter is regarded as the season where many more things can go wrong with maintenance of a property.  Home burglary rates climb in winter, home accidents increase and home systems are pressured beyond capacity.
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30 Jul Preventing A Home Burglary

Security systems are excellent deterrents for preventing home burglaries, but like any preventive measure, the security system should not be a standalone line of defense. Implementing a sound security system should ideally be supported by some household discipline and an awareness of typical burglary habits.
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23 Jun Wireless Video Imaging For Security

More businesses and residences are gravitating to video imaging as an excellent line of defense against burglaries or business activity monitoring. Initial efforts to provide this service were standard but like everything else in the world of security, technology is offering better and more thorough choices. In the field of video imaging for security purposes, the newest trend is towards wireless surveillance security cameras. These new cameras add a good deal of flexibility to the overall security scheme.
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22 Jun Safe at Home, Safe at Work

If you are considering a security system for home or office, there are certain things upon which you should insist. If the provider is unable or unwilling to make these guarantees, you should look elsewhere. Nobody can guarantee that your property will not be burglarized or damaged by vandals or natural events like a fire or lightning, but the damage can be limited with an appropriate security system. Things that can be guaranteed are that all equipment and installers meet the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) gold standards. This includes background checks on all personnel and professional training regarding installation.
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15 Jun For A Secure Home and Secure Business

Security has become a mainstream word because security services help homeowners and businesses protect their property and other assets.  Today’s security systems are technology-rich and protect the occupants from break-ins and other disasters like fire or vandalism. If you have never had a security system, you might be surprised about the peace of mind you would enjoy with today’s safety systems. But, all the technology in the world will serve no purpose if the provider does not have professionally trained installers. The UK is fortunate to have security companies that conform with National Security Inspectorate protocols and trained installation teams that follow these standards.  The Inspectorate not only sets standards for installation and programming but they also have definite standards for the installation technologists.
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12 Jun Lessons Learned from Melbourne Casino Robbery

Lessons Learned from Melbourne Casino Robbery

A recent crime in a Melbourne casino that netted the thieves a cool 32 million AUD demonstrates that despite our best efforts, even the most high-tech security system can sometimes be compromised to some degree. In this case, the casino’s surveillance recording equipment was used to assist the robbers. While we do not know the full details, IFSEC was quick to offer some constructive suggestions. It is believed the casino surveillance system was compromised enabling the perpetrators to cheat the casino at cards, specifically blackjack.
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30 May Security Systems: Hollywood vs Real Life

Alarm movies are tense and exciting. As the movies portray cracking an alarm system and succeeding with a big heist takes planning, timing and often a cadre of unusual characters. Because security systems are designed to prevent break-ins and because security technology is ever-evolving, the movie goer watching a crime unfold is never sure if the alarm system will detonate and what such a detonation might bring about.
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29 Apr Fire Safety: Do you need a dedicated system?

Under normal circumstances fires are not a common occurrence. They happen once in a long while and always happen to other people. This holds true until that unfortunate day when you turn out to be the “other people.” While all necessary precautions must be taken to avoid the risk of fire, additional measures need to be put in place so as to respond to any incidents of fire in your building. Installing a dedicated fire system is one of the measures that you can take to ensure you keep your home or office safe from fire. However, unlike an ordinary fire system, dedicated fire systems cost more and require greater attention and maintenance.
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