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Frequently Asked Questions

pet friendly alarms

How do Pet-Friendly Alarms work?

Wondering how to secure the house with your dog or cat inside? Pet-friendly alarms are set up differently to standard systems, meaning no more false alarms.

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wireless security systems

How are Wireless Security Cameras Powered?

Wireless security cameras require lots of power to run and transmit constantly. So what are these power sources, and which is the most suitable for your property?

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smart alarm system

What is a Smart Alarm System?

We are all familiar with smartphones and smart TVs. So what is a smart alarm system and how does it help secure properties?

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smoke detectors

Where Should I Put Smoke Detectors in My House?

Knowing the best place in your home to install smoke detectors could save your family’s life one day. So where should you put smoke detectors in your house?

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