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Preventing A Home Burglary


Security systems are excellent deterrents for preventing home burglaries, but like any preventive measure, the security system should not be a standalone line of defense. Implementing a sound security system should ideally be supported by some household discipline and an awareness of typical burglary habits.Household burglaries are the subject of much observation and study. Household burglary can come in many different shapes and forms. Telephone scams, bogus callers, pyramid schemes, internet scams and more are all threats to the safety of the home and its inhabitants. There are several tips that can reduce the chance that your home will be burglarized in any shape or form.

Understanding The Risks

• Most burglars are opportunists. It is best to assume someone is watching. The home must have a discipline for ensuring that all doors and windows are always locked.

• Do not presume that because someone is home, the home cannot be burglarized.

• Most household burglaries are performed by people known to the homeowner.

• Occasionally, pull your drapes closed even when you are home.

• Visualise what a burglar might see if looking through your windows and get the high end, portable goods out of sight.

Tips To Prevent Home Burglaries

• Never give keys to service personnel. Anyone can get a copy made in a matter of minutes.

• If you think someone has a key to your home, change the locks.

• Do not leave keys in obvious places like under a flower pot, inside a letterbox or under a doormat.

• Before opening a door, secure the door chain and look through the door’s spyhole.

• If you are alone and do not absolutely know the caller, do not allow the in the home and do not unlatch the door chain.

• Keep garden tools and household equipment, like ladders, secured in a garage or tools shed.

Of course, designing a customised security system is central to improving your peace of mind and safety. Video monitoring is an excellent deterrent and visible security precautions are also discouraging to potential burglars.
Get your household locks and bolts fitted by a locksmith. The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) is an excellent source for reliable locking systems and security chain systems.

If you or a child arrive home and believe a burglar is in the home, leave the house immediately and get to a phone. It is important to teach children the importance and discipline of home security. Every member of the home must take a degree of responsibility for a safe environment.