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An alarm signalling network will listen out for your alarm 24/7.

Alarm monitoring means an immediate response to intruders and fire


Don’t leave your security to chance. Alarm monitoring is essential for guaranteeing an immediate response in the event of an emergency. At Broadsword Security, we provide a selection of the best devices on the market for signalling and monitoring your property, so you’re never alone in the event of an incident.

How to choose alarm signalling types

When choosing your monitored alarm system, the most important things to consider are cost, device, and whether you want to monitor an intruder or fire alarm.

See below for our selection of monitored alarm systems. Devices marked withFire Icon can also be used on fire alarm systems.

RedCARE Classic- Secure single path signalling

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A single path monitored alarm system. Can be installed on Grades 2,3 or 4 intruder alarm systems. RedCARE is a secure alarm signalling network from BT, which continuously monitors property to protect against intruders and fire.


It is the largest and most secure network of its kind. The system operates by transmitting a signal from a protected site to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) using a BT analogue or digital telephone line.


Please see RedCARE brochure which is available for download on the right.
Broadsword's security monitoring uses BT's Redcare
RedCARE GSM -Belt and Braces signalling

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This is a dual monitored alarm system that can be used on system grades 2,3 or 4. It uses the same technology as the RedCARE Classic, described above and with the added extra of GSM roaming signalling as back-up link to the Alarm Receiving Centre in case of a BT line interruption i.e. cut cable. The ROAMING sim uses any of the UK’s mobile phone networks.


Please see RedCARE brochures – Classic and GSM
Digital Communicator - Low cost single path signalling

Digital Communicator. Suitable for Grade 2 systems, a low cost, low security, single path signalling device which uses a standard analogue telephone line.

CSL DualCom - Belt and Braces signalling

CSL DualCom is also one of UK’s leading remote signalling manufacturers and providers who claim to have invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996 and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry.

CSL DualCom is also one of UK’s leading alarm monitoring manufacturers and providers. They claim to have invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996, and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry.


We use a number of CSL products to suit individual system requirements. CSL DualCom GPRS GradeShift is the first dual path signalling system to have interchangeable EN grades with groundbreaking GradeShift® technology, offering a single piece of hardware for every grade of risk. CSL DualCom use their WORLD SIM to roam across all UK’s mobile networks.


Grades 2, 3 and 4 (4) Fire Icon
DualCom DigiAir® - No telephone line required

DualCom DigiAir® is a groundbreaking single path wireless, signalling device (digital communicator) embracing the long-standing concept of a digi and combining it with the multi-network WorldSIM as standard.

DigiAir® doesn’t interfere with the formula that has been so successful for the standard digi. It is familiar, quick, and easy to install. Instead of a telephone line it simply utilises all mobile networks via a radio path.


Using patented technology, DigiAir® sends a signal from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a WorldSIM. This multi-network SIM card can utilise any mobile phone network, offering the best guarantee of radio coverage anywhere in the UK. This offers maximum, reliable alarm monitoring performance from its radio path.


DigiAir® is a great low cost device for any new installation or system upgrade. For Grade 2 systems only.

If you are interested in upgrading your alarms to monitored systems, our sales team can advise you on everything from the devices and prices to the best signalling network for your needs. Get in touch using the form below.

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