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16 Apr Tips on Securing a Vacant Property

Tips on Securing a Vacant Property

In the UK, enjoying our holidays and travelling are traditional forms of celebrating the life experience. Getting away and enjoying the sights and sounds of another, relaxed environment has great appeal. That experience can be more relaxing if we have taken the extra precaution of defending our property while we are away.
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09 Apr Security System Ideas For Landlords (Commercial & Residential)

 Security System Ideas For Landlords (Commercial & Residential)

For some reason, commercial and residential property owners often view the challenge posed by burglars and invaders differently. In many case, commercial and residential properties represent significant elements in the owner's portfolio so understanding the risks and the available tools to deter crime is an important part of ownership.
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23 Jun Wireless Video Imaging For Security

More businesses and residences are gravitating to video imaging as an excellent line of defense against burglaries or business activity monitoring. Initial efforts to provide this service were standard but like everything else in the world of security, technology is offering better and more thorough choices. In the field of video imaging for security purposes, the newest trend is towards wireless surveillance security cameras. These new cameras add a good deal of flexibility to the overall security scheme.
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22 Jun Safe at Home, Safe at Work

If you are considering a security system for home or office, there are certain things upon which you should insist. If the provider is unable or unwilling to make these guarantees, you should look elsewhere. Nobody can guarantee that your property will not be burglarized or damaged by vandals or natural events like a fire or lightning, but the damage can be limited with an appropriate security system. Things that can be guaranteed are that all equipment and installers meet the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) gold standards. This includes background checks on all personnel and professional training regarding installation.
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15 Jun For A Secure Home and Secure Business

Security has become a mainstream word because security services help homeowners and businesses protect their property and other assets.  Today’s security systems are technology-rich and protect the occupants from break-ins and other disasters like fire or vandalism. If you have never had a security system, you might be surprised about the peace of mind you would enjoy with today’s safety systems. But, all the technology in the world will serve no purpose if the provider does not have professionally trained installers. The UK is fortunate to have security companies that conform with National Security Inspectorate protocols and trained installation teams that follow these standards.  The Inspectorate not only sets standards for installation and programming but they also have definite standards for the installation technologists.
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14 Feb Assessing your Business or Home Security Needs

Before you place an order for a business or home security system, it is important to first do an audit of your current security situation and then proceed to compare that with the security you would like to have in place. This is because your security system is supposed to bridge the gap between the current security situation and the security situation you would like to have. Aside from a few special considerations that will be unique to different homes and businesses, there are a number of general factors that will help you assess your security needs. Considering these general security factors will ensure that your decision to order a particular security system is well informed and of value to you and your interests.
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20 Dec What are the Most Important Aspects of Intruder Alarms and Fire Systems?

Any sales person will quickly tell you all the latest technological advances that are available through the intruder alarms and fire systems their company has to offer. The list of features and capabilities possessed by modern security and safety systems is quite impressive. We have systems that operate automatic audio and video whenever an intruder is detected. Others set off remote alarms, there are others that will trigger exit and entrance lock downs that hold intruders captive and so much more. Wireless burglar alarms are also becoming increasingly popular.
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16 Nov CCTV in the Cloud – What does it mean?

If we said that CCTV in the cloud is becoming more popular, would you know what we were talking about? Cloud CCTV is also known as VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) and involves using the internet in your CCTV system - but how? Before we continue we should point out that these sorts of surveillance systems generate quite a bit of debate in the security industry, with some extolling the virtues of the technology, with others trying to explain we these systems simply aren't ready yet. We are going to present an un-biased view for you, giving you the facts you need to know to understand how VSaaS works, and present the benefits and disadvantages that such a system comes with. This discussion will be coming in two parts, with this months article looking primarily at the way these works work - what is the technology that drives cloud CCTV?
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