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What are the Most Important Aspects of Intruder Alarms and Fire Systems?


Any sales person will quickly tell you all the latest technological advances that are available through the intruder alarms and fire systems their company has to offer. The list of features and capabilities possessed by modern security and safety systems is quite impressive. We have systems that operate automatic audio and video whenever an intruder is detected. Others set off remote alarms, there are others that will trigger exit and entrance lock downs that hold intruders captive and so much more. Wireless burglar alarms are also becoming increasingly popular.

While all these features and capabilities are obviously great to have, there are two core aspects of a security system that must be delivered by your provider regardless of the levels of sophistication or simplicity in the systems they have to offer. These two core aspects are monitoring and maintenance. If your security services provider fails in the effective delivery of either one of these core aspects, the security system they sell to you is simply a modern day scarecrow.

All security issues are time sensitive. The timely response to any threat or concern depends on how fast people become aware of the particular incident. It is completely useless to have your state of the art equipment detect an intrusion instantly, yet response to the incident will come much later. Your service provider must have the resources to constantly monitor your system and immediately respond to any concerns in an appropriate manner. This should not happen some times and neither should it happen most of the time, it should happen all of the time!

As with all systems and equipment, regular maintenance and testing of your security installations is the only way to make sure that everything is working as expected. Routine checks are very important as they effectively deal with problems before they arise. A good service provider should also have a 24 hour service team available for clients who have technical issues at any time of day or night. Your hardware and software issues must be resolved as soon as they are detected since they may be part of a security breach in the progress.

As you go out shopping for security and fire alarm systems for your home or business, remember to fully address these two important aspects. If the provider cannot satisfactorily deliver when it comes to monitoring and maintenance, move on until you get a company that can guarantee effective delivery on both.