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Why use a Wireless Alarm?


Wireless burglar alarms feature a number of benefits over the older, hardwired alternative.

Other than a power cable to the alarm panel, most wireless alarms require no other wiring. This means that installation is much less intrusive, and more aesthetically pleasing. Many homeowners are concerned that alarm installation may be detrimental to their property’s interior, but wireless alarms ensure that this isn’t an issue.

Depending on what alarm system you decide upon, most will feature remote keyfob activation (similar to those in contemporary vehicles). Instead of having to punch a code into your alarm panel, you can simply arm the system by pressing a button on your keyfob. This has numerous benefits, including removing the need to remember a numerical code, and the ability to activate/deactivate the alarm from anywhere in your home. These can also be used to activate a panic alarm (this is especially useful, considering most alarm systems require panic activation from a specific location, which may not always be convenient in an emergency situation).

Wireless alarms are also extremely easy to expand/upgrade. Due to their modular nature, additional sensors/units can be added when needed; this is useful for those planning to add extensions to their homes in the future. The systems are also flexible, meaning sensors can be repositioned to better locations, should the need arise.

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