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Top Tips for Securing Your Commercial Property


Whether you’re a warehouse, a shop or an industrial building, it’s a daunting prospect trying to work out the best way to secure your property and the valuables inside. When you’re sorting out stock levels, customers, invoices, sales and marketing queries, partnerships, suppliers, KPIs and health and safety issues, the last thing on your mind is if you should be installing CCTV or if access control would be useful addition to your security armour.

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Your ability to make the right choice depends on a couple of factors – do your research into what security you need and how important each feature is to you in terms of return on investment. Are you in a risky area? Do you have lots of valuable stock? Are there dark areas in your premises? Do lots of people have access to your premises? Do you already have a system in place and just need an upgrade?

Then work out your options. Would CCTV be useful? Do you want an intruder alarm? Is access control right for you? Are your fire systems compliant with legislation? Is it important to you to have an app through which you can control your CCTV? Searching on the internet gives you a massive list of companies, all of which appear to offer you exactly what you need. So think about what’s important specifically to you and your business.

But before any of that, assess your risk levels and what you want – to help you through this initial phase, we’ve created a mini checklist that you can work through which will provoke some thoughts and questions that you’ll need to ask in order to be confident to make the right decision.

Here are ten things to check:

  1. Assess your risk level – do you have lots of valuable equipment or stock? Do you handle cash? Are your premises in a high risk area?
  2. Do you know your insurer’s requirements? Do you know if they have requirements about the type of alarm system or locks you have to use?
  3. Are there areas of your premises that are hidden or dark? Are all your doors and windows always visible? Do you have external lighting?
  4. Do you need CCTV? Do you want CCTV? If you have CCTV, is your supplier aware of data protection laws? Does it cover dark areas?
  5. Do you have appropriate locks on your doors and windows? Should you consider grilles or shutters? Do you need any planning permission?
  6. Who has a set of keys and what are your security procedures? Who is responsible for opening and locking up?
  7. Do you need to control access to your premises? Do you have staff who work alone and how are they protected? Do you have panic buttons? Can you see everywhere in your premises at all times?
  8. Do you have valuable items like laptops or tablets? Do you make sure that they’re out of sight? Have you security marked them? Do you lock them away every day when you close?
  9. Are your emergency escape routes accessible? Do you carry out regular inspections to check the security of your access points?
  10. Are your staff trained in your security procedures? Do you have security procedures? Do your staff know how to deal with emergencies?


Feel free to download our commercial premises security checklist if you need a bit of time to go through everything.

Once you’ve thought about these, give us a call and we’d be delighted to advise you on what the best security solution will be for your business.

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