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Home Security Systems – Frequently Asked Questions


How necessary is a home security system?

To know precisely how necessary a home security system is for you, you first need to know the likelihood of a break-in. Unfortunately this isn’t an easy question to answer. Even the safest of areas, with low-crime rates, do experience home break-ins and you cannot ever guarantee that one won’t happen to you.Security systems have been shown to reduce the impact a break-in can have on you and your family. First of all, potential intruders will see your security system and may decide to move elsewhere, believing it too risky. A security system doesn’t always prevent the intruder from entering your property however, but they do reduce the amount of time an intruder spends in your property, reducing the damage done and the items stolen.


Does it cost me anything to get an assessment of my property?

No, we provide a confidential service where we visit your premises to assess your requirements – free of charge. Once the assessment is finished we will design the security system, tailored for you, and then priced for you.

What sort of intruder alarm systems do you offer?

We can offer you two different intruder alarm systems. The first is a siren and flashing bell-box system that we generally install in low-risk premises; this system provides only a local response but can be fitted with a speech dialler which will dial preset phone numbers to alert of activations. We also provide a monitored detection system linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre; activations from this system are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will generate either a Keyholder or Police response to the intrusion. Read more about our intruder and fire alarms.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please see our contact details.