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How do Pet-Friendly Alarms work?

Wondering how to secure the house with your dog or cat still inside? Find out everything you need to know about pet-friendly alarms — from how they work to where to buy.

No more false alarms

Frequent false alarms cause stress for you and your pets

If your pet keeps triggering your house alarm, you’re not alone. Animal movement is one of the biggest causes of false burglar alarms in domestic properties.

A sudden alarm can be distressing for your pet, especially as he or she probably has more sensitive hearing than you. Repeated false alarms can also aggravate neighbours and police.

Everything from energetic puppies to adventurous cats can set off an alarm, making home security that bit more complicated for the animal lover.

So how do pet-friendly alarms work?

Most home alarms use motion sensors to detect movement. A standard system won’t know the difference between a home intruder and a restless dog, meaning false alarms are a real possibility whenever you leave the house.

Pet-friendly alarms can be configured differently to standard house alarms. Some can be set to ignore different sizes, shapes, or weights, keeping your pet off the alarm’s radar. Other systems can be set at a certain height, allowing your pet to move around undetected.

For the homeowner with more than one family pet, a dual or active system could be helpful. This means two separate sensors have to be triggered before the alarm sounds—ideal if your pets are different shapes or sizes.

Fed up of cat burglars and false alarms?

If you’re getting fed up of repeated false alarms, don’t worry—you have lots of options.

A variety of pet-proof house alarms have been developed for homes with pets, giving you plenty of choice. We’re happy to recommend the best alarm system for your home, based on your property, pets, and circumstances. We’ll even install it for you, and set it up to suit your pets.

All you’ll need to let us know is just how heavy that cat really is. (And maybe introduce us to the dog.)