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How are Wireless Security Cameras Powered?

Wireless security cameras require lots of power to run and transmit constantly. So what are these power sources, and which is the most suitable for your property?

Monitor CCTV from your phone

Wireless video transmission

A wireless security camera doesn’t need cables to transmit video. Instead, footage is transmitted directly to a viewing device (or via a DVR/recording device).

This has several advantages over wired cameras. It is less vulnerable to sabotage, making it more secure. It is easier and less intrusive to install, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Best of all, video footage can be viewed from a viewing device of your choice, meaning you can monitor your premises from your smartphone.

So how do wireless security cameras get power?

A wireless security system needs a lot of power to run constantly. These cameras can use one of two main power sources:

The first is an electrical source. These cameras are powered by the mains, as per wired models. They’re still wireless cameras because they transmit wirelessly.

The second is battery-power. Battery-powered cameras are ideal for locations where mains power isn’t an option, but you will need to replace the batteries frequently to keep the camera transmitting.

Are wireless security cameras safe?

Mains-powered wireless systems are obviously more reliable. You won’t need to replace any batteries and can rely on a constant stream of footage to your phone or other monitoring device.

A battery-powered model requires more maintenance but it can be placed in out-of-reach locations, concealed from view, or even moved as required. This makes it an excellent option for outdoor surveillance and other remote locations.

Whichever you prefer, both models are superior to wired cameras requiring video cables. Watch over your family and home or monitor your business from an app on your phone and never have to worry about either again.

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